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Artist statement 2016

In his recent work Wessel Middelbos uses his fascination for transformations of landscapes. The essence of contemporary landscape he thinks, is movement and change. The landscapes he paints are a translation and stacking of various processes in the landscape wich are connected with each other. The painting is a universe of it’s own but it gets it’s feeding from the world around him, tastes from it, chews on it and distils a new world.  

In his paintings various pieces of time and space are mixed up and make a composed landscape. This brings in the  possibility to create multiple distances and perspectives in one image. Furthermore, the abstracted character does not indicate a specific landscape, but the processes moving within, shifting and pushing it forward; a landsape very liquid, changing, drifting, on a journey.

Review melklokaal invites NULVIJFTIG 2016

Interview LandEscape Magazine 2014

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